Online adult dating gaining popularity

In this world of social media overload, many people are getting tired of it. We will always be primal in nature, and with Facebook being the family and friend ‘zone’ in the social media sphere, a growing number of people are sick of the crap when trying to connect with a love interest on there… Because you have to take more of a d-tour nowadays on social media than in the real world!

Being direct to people on Facebook is like being on your grandma’s sunday afternoon birthday, blaring over a cup of coffee to the hot neighbor chick, “Hey, after celebrating the way-too-long life of this old hag, let’s get it on in the front yard!”.

This is why adult dating is invented, and contrary to popular believe, it’s popularity is even bigger now. Because many people see social media as a friend and family place, and that’s not exactly the ideal place for setting up a much needed sex date with a hottie. But at adult dating sites, this is exactly what every member expects from eachother. No bullshit social talking, it’s a place to blow off steam and let your inner self enjoy the best invention of life: Sex.

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